PostGreSQL 12 problem with Import database structure

I don't have problem to create connection and connection work fine but when i try to import database i got an "Item not found" error and can't continue.

Can you please send a backup of the database for us to analyze?

Sorry where to send backup of database ?

You can just attach a zip file to a reply here in the topic. If you think other people won't benefit from it and you have sensitive information you don't want to disclose, you can send it as a personal message, which will be visible only by our staff. You can choose to send a personal message by clicking in the "reply" button at the upper left corner of message window.

Thank you for the database. You have a few schemas in your database and tables with same name in each schema. Data Modeler doesn't differentiate schemas inside a project thus the cause of the error.

We have just released TMS Data Modeler 3.5 that allows you to choose the Postgres schema you want to import from database. This way you can import each schema individually, and the error will not appear.

I play a bit with schemas.
If we have only tables without indexes and foreign keys.
Both DataModeler and Plugin works well you can see tables and create things but you can't differentiate which schema they belong :(
I will download new version and check things

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Hello again,
when we can expect TMS Aurelius update which will support schemas ?
Same error appear when i try to generate from IDE

We don't have a timeframe yet, unfortunately.