Create class model for Actian/Pervasive Database

I have a bunch Actian Zen/Pervasive databases that I would like to use with Aurelius.

The TMS Data Modeler does not have a database plug-in feature. So how can I create these Aurelius classes?

Most of these Actian Zen databases have over a 100 tables. There is no way I am creating these classes manually.

Any ideas? I'm new here, looked around but did not find much.

Unfortunately TMS Data Modeler and TMS Aurelius indeed don't support importing of Zen/Pervasive databases. We have an extra official dialect for using Aurelius with Zen, but it doesn't include schema import.

Not sure if @Mika_Koistinen has some ideas about it?

I assume the professional version I purchased does not include the source for the Data Modeler, right?

If it did I assume I could create my own connection within the Modeler, considering most schema queries work the same and I only need tables, indexes, and fields defs.

Thanks for your assistance.

I made an one time DDF to Data Modeler import. It actually missed a few fieldtypes, but I can have a look at it few days.

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We don't provide source code for TMS Data Modeler. We are actually considering releasing it, but it's not clean up properly for that yet.


Whatever you can do I would truly appreciate it.

I was also thinking of converting the databases to NexusDB, creating the units for them, and then making changes to the units for Actian. Just would be a lot of field-type replacements and miscellaneous clean-up, I am sure.

Thank you for your time!

That would be helpful for people like me in this situation. Sure others are using different DBMS than the TMS Modeler supports. Database Ranking

Thank you.

Are you using good old ddf format or the new V2 / long metadata format?

Using DDF format.

I noticed that my application uses some routines of our main application and UniDac from devart to access DDF.
So can't send you source code right now
Can you send me *.ddf from one database, so we could do test run ?
I'll sent my contact in private