Import PostgreSQL DB


Trying to import a PostgreSQL database into Data Modeler, I get an error "cannot find datatype oid". Is there anything I can do to fix this short of re-creating the database?

Hello, could you provide more detailed info? Do you have the script of the table that is causing that issue? 

is the message I get. I used an earlier database (8.4) for this one. I
got the original message at work on a 9.4 database. No table name is
given. This is a development database that has been around for about ten
years! The work database is on a 9.4 server.

Again, this is from File|New|Import from Database in Data Modeler

I'll create a basic database and send you the DML if I can get it to reproduce the problem.

Sorry, couldn't post the screenshot of the message! The message text is: "Cannot find datatype: oid".
No other detals are given.

Thank you, please send the info through support e-mail when you have it, thanks again.

I created a simple database with two tables, where one table referenced the other through a foreign key. This was imported correctly. I then added a field to one table with the datatype oid, and this failed with the message I described earlier.
I couldn't find where I had used oid in my "live" database, looking at the source DML nor looking through the database objects, but it must be there somewhere!
Anyway, I hope this helps.

Version 3.0.1 has been released with a fix for that issue.

Thank you very much!