Pixel error with merge and color in TAdvGridPDFIO

In the example,
i use MergeCells(0,tRow,2,tRow) and Colors[0..maxCol,tRow] to combine cols on one row.
i have switch off the borders under Option.

other example :
MergeCells(2,tRow,3,tRow) / [0..maxCol,tRow] --> gray
MergeCells(8,tRow,2,tRow) / [0..maxCol,tRow] --> white

One pixelline is missing from cols 2 (3/4, 9) in the PDF output, whether it is changed or not.
if the Row gray then missig gray, if the row white after a gray Row then missing white.

We will investigate. What are your full grid settings, in particular under grid.Options the settings goHorzLine / goVertLine?


FixedCols = 0
FixedRows = 0

So far, we could not reproduce this.

Could you please isolate this and send a sample source project with which we can reproduce this here so we know all possible relevant grid settings, event handlers, code executed ..

TMS SGErr.zip (82.5 KB)

please, if you make a change, you can change the transfer in the color parameter from i,j to c,r or aCol,aRow, would be easier to understand

  property Colors[i,j: Integer]: TColor read GetColors write SetColors;
  procedure MergeCells(c,r,spanx,spany: Integer); virtual;

  property Colors[aCol,aRow : Integer]: TColor read GetColors write SetColors;
  procedure MergeCells(aCol,aRow,spanx,spany: Integer); virtual;

there are also other accesses to [c,r] that are still [i,j]
but maybe there is reasoning behind it that I don't understand

my idea is that as soon as accesses to col or row occur, this is defined with c,r in the transfer parameter
best would be aRow and aCol :blush: