AdvPdfLib errors when exporting from AdvStringGrid, DBAdvGrid

  1. If the grid is grouped, the Contract and Expand icons are displayed in the PDF even if AdvGridPDFIO.Options.ExportImages = false.

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  2. How to set the background color and line color of cells in FixedRow or FixedCol in PDF. If I set the default style in project: windows, everything is fine. If I set a different style (e.g. Windows11 Polar Light, Windows11 Polar Dark), the background color will always be "F0F0F0" and the cell lines will not be displayed. If I set DBadvGrid.UIStyle then the cell color matches the UIStyle but the cell lines still don't show up.

  3. How to set the starting row or starting grid column on export? Can be set as in AdvGridExcelIO.GridStartRow or AdvGridExcelIO.GridStartCol.

  1. At this moment, there is not a setting for hide the node. The node is considered an essential indicator for grouped rows.
  2. We'll investigate if we can improve the interop with VCL styles
  3. At this moment, there is not a setting to define a range of cells. This is a good suggestion we'll consider for a next update.

Improvements for 1 & 2 will be in the next TMS VCL UI Pack update.