no name space for FlexCel.Render

I have installed Windows 7 and Delphi again, and now i'd like to install Flexcel.
After installation and compiling project I get message, that FlexCel.Render cannot be found.
What can I do?

This is likely the result of an error during FlexCel installation. Can you send me the log at <FlexCel install folder>\TMSSoftware\FlexCelVCL\Setup\FlexCel_build_log.txt
so I can take a look?

You can either post it here or send it to

I don't see anything in the log that could cause this. Some questions:

you find the other units? That is, if you create a new empty project,
add "uses VCL.FlexCel.Core" to the uses, does it work? And if you add
uses VCL.FlexCel.Core, FlexCel.Render; then it stops working?

2)Do you have the file:  D:!daten\Delphi\components\FlexCelVCLNT\Packages\dTokyo\Win32\Release\FlexCel.Render.dcu ?

Thank you for reply. At the moment I have problem to start any Delphi project. I don't know, what's wrong. Maybe some path no more correct. I will keep you informed, if my Delphi works.

I have started automatic installation, but it still doesn't work.
Therefore I have done some parts of manual installation and now it seems to be OK.
This I have added in the library path:

Press the "..." button at the right in "library path", and add the path: <place where you installed FlexCel>\TMSSoftware\FlexCelVCLNT\Packages&lt;dVersion>\Win32\Release