FlexCel 6.12 installation on Tokyo 10.2.3

The setup.exe has problems. So I make the Manual Installation from


The first 7 installation works fine, but on the installation of FlexCel_Report250.bpl i get an error massage "..\FlexCelRender250.bpl could not load". FlexCel_Report250.bpl is installed but the installation of  FlexCelRender250.bpl is gone. Reinstall from FlexCelRender250.bpl works. Now 8 bpl are installed. Installing the 9th FMX_FlexCel_Components250.bpl there is the same error message "..\FlexCelRender250.bpl could not load" and then "..\FMX_FlexCel_Components250.bpl could not load". Both FlexCelRender250.bpl and FMX_FlexCel_Components250 are not installed.

What is to do?


About the manual installation, have you changed your Windows path to include the folder where FMX_FlexCel_Components250.bpl is?
That is step 2) in http://www.tmssoftware.biz/flexcel/doc/vcl/guides/installation-guide.html#manual-installation

Once you modify the Windows path, Delphi should find the bpls.

About the automatic installation, if you send me the log at <FlexCel install folder>\TMSSoftware\FlexCelVCLNT\Setup\FlexCel_build_log.txt I can see why it is not working.