[ URGENT ] Can't compile

good morning,

today i'm instakked last version of vcl flexcel via TMS Subscription Manager.

After remove last version and installed the new one a large number of ide start error occours.

All these errors are like "Can not loak pakage ...." all flexcell pakage *230.bpl.

In my project i add manually all FlexCelVCLNT subdirectory in order to compile the programs.

In compilation mode (debug and release) i have always this error that cause compiler error

FILE NOT FOUND: XlsAdapterResources.Res

This file is stored in (in my computer) this subfolder (like all other tms library) and it's present in ALL delphi library path (search and ecc..) both release and debug

C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\TMS\FlexCelVCLNT\Source\XlsAdapter

so the compile must "see" this file.

On my system i have

XE2/Seattle/Tokio and before try to install last version, i had no problems.

How can i resolve this problem? (i can't back to older version)

Thank's for all



This is likely an error on the FlexCel installation. Can you post the install log at <folder where you installed FlexCel>\Setup\FlexCel_build_log.txt ?

There is likely some error on it that can give a better idea of what went wrong.

Good afternoon Adrian,

due the fact that the file is (+ or -) 30kb, i will send it into support email.

Thank's for your fast reply


Hi, Thanks for the file, I got it.

From what I see on it, it is installing ok in XE2, but no in Seattle. (but the setup is failing anyway so it is not completed, even for XE2).

In the case of seattle, the error you got is:

This error is sadly a limitation in the msbuild executable, that happens when the library path gets too long. And it is something that somehow happens when you install all of the products in the tms subscription: It is something we are trying to fix but it isn't simple because of the huge number of products.

The problem is explained here:

And in short, you need to somehow shorten the library path. Once it gets over 32000 characters all command line building will start to fail. As explained in the linked article, the solutions are to search for uninstalled search paths which are still in the library path and delete them, or to install to a shorter path (but not only FlexCel, all the other components too). You might install to  c:\dev\tms or similar instead of C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\TMS\ Those characters repeated for the thousands of components sum up.

Hi Adrian,

thank you for your reply and explanation.

I'm moving all my tms library into a short directory in order to save space.