next update?


when is the "Estimated date next release" please?
in the "My product" it still says Mar 19
sorry for pushing, i was hopping for more changes in the last update (hoping, not expecting)

thank you!

The last update was released on March 20.
There's currently no fixed release date available for the next update.

Are there any specific fixes or changes you are waiting for?

Hi Bart,.

i need 2 things in the TIWExchangeBar :
1. right-align of the text in the Panels and Items (very important for me)
2. hide (or height=0 ?) the bottom-bar

i can understand if this is not a normal "how to" for the forum and i will need to wait for the next update.
(that's why asked about the estimated time)

thank you Bart

Hi Yaron,

Unfortunately I can't promise that these changes are going to be included with the next update.
However they are on the feature-request list  and we'll investigate if they can be added in a future version of the TMS IW Component Pack.

not even in next update...?
shouldn't right-align be a trivial thing to do in any component?
i mean, if the form have a LeftToRight property, and it's not working for the component, then it means that the component itself did something to disable a system's "built-in" property, no?

TMS already fixed it for the IWOutlookBar, so i thought it would be about the same thing to do for the TIWExchangeBar and the TIWSideNavBar, since they are both based on the same component (if i understand it correctly...) .

again, i'm sorry i push, but the "right-to-left" thing is extremely important for me, in every component that read/write captions and text.

thank you Bart

Please note that due to the fact that some TMS IW controls contain a lot of custom HTML, CSS and JavaScript code its not always trivial to enable the LeftToRight functionality.

As soon as we've been able to allocate sufficient time, I'll investigate how this can be fixed in the TIWExchangeBar and the TIWSidenavBar.
Thank you for your understanding and apologies for the inconvenience.

ok Bart, i understand that now.

i thought there could be some quick "line" to drop in the source and have a fix until the update, but thinking about it - it can be tricky and a lot more to it then i thought.
hope it will be fixed in the next update

sorry for pushing, and thank you for your consideration

I don't need an update in a hurry but I do need to plan ahead. So can I ask a couple of things:

When is the estimated date for the next release (website says 7 May)?
Which version of IW14 are you intending to release the next update for?

Thank you.

We are still working on this.