next release?

hi guys

any estimated time for next release that will be compatible with iw 14.2.X please?

also, i wanted to really thank you for the TIWAdvWebGrid.
it saved me many times in thing that don't even look like a grid solution at first glans.
being able to manipulate it with HTML code INSIDE IT is REALLY helpful.
it's a VERY powerful component, and even tho i use it a lot, i think i don't know even 40% of it's power. :)

so BRAVO and Thank you !  :)

Many thanks for your much appreciated compliments!

We have internally already validated our components for IntraWeb 14.2 and it is a matter of allocating time for the work on the release itself. We'll aim to allocate time for this in the coming week.

Great Thanks !

btw, the TIWAdvWebGrid helped me A LOT, but i really love all your components, and i recommend every new intraweb user the TMS intraweb pack as a "Must Have" :)

Thank you for great components and the time you saved me  :D