next release?

when is the next release that will be compatible with IW 14.1.0 please?

It is on our todolist to first validate our controls with this latest release and when all validates OK, we'll release an update. At this time, we can't give an exact ETA as it is unclear whether there will be issues with v14.1.0 and if so, how much there will be to address these.

Is there any new information about when this update is expected?  I appreciate your attention to detail, and I hope you do not run into any surprises.  I am anxious to realize the improvements made to IW 14.1+.

I am simply trying to plan ahead regarding a few upcoming projects.  I want to do them in 10.2 Berlin as I just recently upgraded.  Your controls are an important part of my development.  I am just looking for an approximate release date.

I will not be upset if you miss that date, but it would be very helpful in my planning. 

Thank you!

Our test revealed so far one breaking change in one component and Atozed is working on a fix for that. As soon as Atozed updates their IW14.1x release, we'll be able to release our update with IW14.1 supports. We hope this should be somewhere next week.

Great!  Thanks for the update.  I hope all goes well.

got it just now.
Thank you very much !  :)