any news about IW14 and XE6 ?

it's been several months now since XE6 is out.
some of us have and need XE6.
any news on when there will be a TMS IW pack version for IW14 and XE6?

All TMS IntraWeb products have meanwhile XE6 support (with its default built-in IntraWeb version)

the reason why EMB didn't change the IW version is because they know we will update it from AToZed's site.
i think the biggest bug there is in the default IW14 is the changing port.
how can we write a web-server application if the server's port keep on changing.
so this is not a TMS bug, but AToZed already release several updates since.
so if the TMS components only work with the default version of IW14, then we can't work with it...

sorry for nagging about this, but this is really a critical problem for many of us.

We'll be releasing an update with support for the newest IW14 update shortly.

Thank you VERY VERY MUCH Bruno

not last week
not this week
do you think it could be ready before this weekend?
the "Estimated date next release" still says Aug 19, 2014

We have released this week updates to all our IntraWeb products with XE6 & 14.0.32 support (except TMS IntraWeb Security System and TMS IntraWeb Query which are scheduled for tomorrow)

Great. Very usefull for me too!

Thank you VERY VERY MUCH Bruno !