Need tile that async changes color and caption


I'm looking for a component, that OnAsyncClick changes its color and caption. I think I tried every available compont of button, region or image like type, but none really works or I just can't find how to do it. It should be so simple: Click it and it goes red saying "On" with font coclor green. Click again it goes black saying "Off" with font color black. I need that async because I have a grid full of some 50 of those "indicating buttons". I also checked the grid components, but they don't change the cell color async.
Is there any (TMS) component that fullfills that need?
Kind regards
  • Maybe you can try using the IWAdvWebGrid.
    You can add a column of ColumnType ctCheckBox, a row that has a checked checkbox will automatically change color and the indexes of the selected rows can be retrieved asynchronously through IWAdvWebGrid.RowSelect[RowIndex].

    - The TMS IW iPhone controls pack contains a control called TIWiPhoneOnOffButton.
    I think this is actually what you are looking for, unfortunately this control has been specifically designed for webkit/mobile browsers and as such is not fully compatible with desktop browsers.
    However, this is a good suggestion and we'll consider making this control compatible with more browsers or create a similar new control for the TMS IW Component Pack.