changing cell colors in Async?


i'm trying to change the color of cells when i click them in Async, and i can't seem to make it work.
i tried to add the AsyncUpdateAllCells at the end of my procedure, but it doesn't update the colors.

can't the GetCellPro work on Async?
is there a way to update the cells colors in Async please?

i really need this in Async.
it's for an agricultural web-app, were i have 22 TIWAdvWebGrids (representing flowerbeds) in each form, and all the TIWAdvWebGrids have very small cells (representing different plants)
this is my costumer's demand...


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Unfortunately it's currently not supported to asynchronously change cell colors.
We'll have to investigate if this functionality can be added in a future version of the TIWAdvWebGrid.

thanks for your reply Bart

do you have an idea how i can achieve this maybe even with a different TMS component please?


Maybe you can try using the TIWAdvWebGrid.ClientEvents.CellClick property to execute custom JavaScript when a cell is clicked to change.
You can find the cell ID definition in the page source of your browser.
The downside is that colors set with this technique will not persist after a page refresh.
Bart Holvoet2015-04-20 15:49:42

i need them to stay after refresh.

Thank you very much for your help