TIWAdvWebGrid - Sizing issues? and button fonts.

I have an issue where i seem to get the horizontal scroll bar showing when I think there should not be one at all..
I switched from the standard IW grid to this, but its been kinda frustrating.

Also i have two columns set as ctButton column types. How do I change the font size for the buttons? I see
font related items in the object inspector, but those don't seem to change the font attributes at all.

Also how would I go about making certain buttons in the button columns disabled?

I will be running into a deal next where I will have a column where some of the cells will need to be editable.. so might as well throw that request out there also..

- We are not aware of such an issue.
Can you please provide more details on how to reproduce this?
Or you can also provide a ready to use sample project that demonstrates the issue so I can further investigate this.

- Unfortunately it's currently not supported to change the font of the ctButton column type.
However this is a good suggestion and we'll consider adding this in a future version.

another issue I came up with... Some buttons I want to be AsyncButtonClick ... and others to be ButtonClick event. I can use one or the other it seems.

What would be nice, is in the column design/editor, is that you could assign events there for that column.

Bart - is there a certain email or whatever to send a zipped up example?

  • You can hide the button for certain rows by using the GetCellType event and changing the ColumnType to ctNormal.

    procedure TIWForm1.TIWAdvWebGrid1GetCellType(Sender: TObject; RowIndex,
      ColumnIndex: Integer; var AColumnType: TTIWColumnType;
      var Editor: TTIWColumnEditor; var DynEditor: TTIWDynEditType);
     if RowIndex = 1 then
      AColumnType := ctNormal;

    - You can set the IWAdvWebGrid control in edit mode by adding a ctDataButton column.

    Please have a look at the IWFeaturesDemo for examples.

Yes, please use mailto:help@tmssoftware.com
Further information about contacting TMS for support can be found at: http://www.tmssoftware.com/site/support.asp

Documentation needs updated also. Seems to be quite a bit behind.

In document says to use SetCellAsync ... but its actually AsyncSetCell...

Ill have to try this out again, but for me, it seemed to change the whole column to this type.. not just that cell type..

This example only changes the column type of row index 1 to ctNormal.

Please note the line  "if RowIndex = 1 then".