Changing font style of IWAdvToolButton

Hi, I am using a TIWAdvToolButton. I would like to make the font style bold when the user clicks the button using OnAsyncClick. However the button is not redrawn when the async click event fires. How can I make the button re-render so that the text style is updated?

Currently, unfortunately, an async. text style update capability is not built-in.

Hello Bruno,

I just came across the same issue. I want to enable my IWAdvToolButton via the OnAsyncChange of an Edit box.

Although the button does get correctly enabled it still looks like a disabled button (still in DisabledColor), also changes to the button caption in the OnAsyncChange event are not shown.

Can we expect a correction for this in the near future?

It's on our to-do list to improve the behavior of the IWAdvToolButton when changing the enabled state asynchronously in a future version of the control.