Name attribute not created

I'm using the JQUERY VALIDATION plugin to validate form fields. For that, I need the NAME attribute to be available in my HTML.

When the HTML item is not linked by ID to the Delphi element, the NAME attribute is generated, but when there is a link, the NAME attribute is not generated, even though it is fixed in the HTML.

linked by ID

--> VSCode
image --> link
--> execution

not linked by id

--> VSCode no id
--> execution

Thanks for reporting. We could see this issue.
We have traced & solved this and can confirm the next update will address this.

Hello Bruno, could you give a more or less forecast date if possible? Remembering that this problem is in the version of TMS for VS Code, thank you.

Before mid August when no unexpected issues occur

Thank you, we will look forward to it. Great job.

The problem was resolved in the update. Thanks!

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