WebCombobox is not working with templates

WebCombobox is not working with templates. When I add the ElementID it gives an error at design time. Could you help me, please? A test program follows.
TMSWEB.zip (863.0 KB)

Is this the latest version?
I just set ElementID here to exampleFormControlSelect1 and it worked just fine to use the SELECT element from the form template.

Sorry, I overlooked this is VSC. From Delphi this works as expected. We'll investigate from VSC

Data is expected to come from the control, not from the template.
But regardless, we implemented an improvement to prevent an error from happening in this case.
Next update will have this improvement.

Thanks Bruno for the feedback, our company is betting on the migration of vcl to the web using TMS WEB CORE, we are very happy with the tool and looking forward to everything going well. Could you give an estimated date for this correction?

Thanks for your kind feedback!

We aim for this week!

Thank you so much Bruno, we look forward to it!

Thanks a lot guys, it's working normally now in version v2.1.6343.

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