In my Application after change from version 1.4 i to 1.5 in result js file I have generated code like below:

this.InitButtons = function () {
  var $Self = this;
  var Result = false;
  Result = true;
  if (!$Self.GetIsLinked()) return Result;
  setTimeout(function() {HandleTimeOut();}, 10);
  return Result;

and error is "Uncaught ReferenceError: HandleTimeOut is not defined"

Is it bug ?


It is not clear to me what exactly you do.
Did you insert this JS yourself?
Is this somehow auto-generated?
Where is HandleTimeOut(), who / where is it defined?

Please provide sufficiently detailed information that can be understood by everyone so you can be efficiently helped.

  1. No this JS was generated from WEB CORE
  2. HandleTimeOut wasn't generated ... is absent in auto-generated JS file
  3. This problem is connected to TWebRichEditToolBar when I try use this object in HTML template by ID.

The problem is that I can't reproduce this issue outside my application.


I prepared example project which reproduce this problem. (1.0 MB)

BTW I found next problems:

  1. Still problem with TWebRichEditToolBar and connect by ElementID on HTML

  1. In Delphi 10.4 when you go to Project --> Options --> Application --> Forms and when you try move Auto-create Forms to Available Forms and click Save you get an error:


Hi ... could you please answer for my notification. I'm stuck with work.

We traced & solved this.
We will release an update next week with this fix.
Compile your app in debug mode as workaround or turn off code optimization

Version ... what about point 1 "1. Still problem with TWebRichEditToolBar and connect by ElementID on HTML"? ... still the same problem. On the picture I'm drawing red line where toolbar should be displayed.


The issue with the TWebRichEditToolBar is related to the use of bootstrap.
We implemented a fix for this that will be in v1.5.0.2

Ok ... when do you plan release new version. Next week?

In v1.5.0.2 everything is ok


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