Moving from TADvStringGrid to TTMSFNCGrid

I am looking for a way to replace my TADvStringGrid with a TTMSFNCGrid. There are some things I can't find or am not sure about how to proceed with. Maybe you can enlighten me.

  • When using nodes there is only a node visible in the firstcolumn, no lines to the underlying rows as in TAdvStringGrid. Is it possible to show lines as well?
  • When I want the grid to go into Editmode, coming from a mode with Selection.Mode = smRowRange, I switch Selection.Mode into smCellRange and Options.Editing.Enabled to True. The first time I edit, the row is still colored, the row color only diappears when I first go to another cell. Is it possible to remove the rowcolor immediately?
  • Is it possible when going to Editmode, to switch on editing immediately? Not using F2 or Enter? The manual states Editing can start by using grid.Edit, but that does not work.
  • Is it possible when going into Editmode to have the text in the Cell sellected automatically? TAdvStringGrid has an option for that.
  • When I set DefaultRowheight to 18, all rows are 18 high after that as I expected. But when I go into editmode, the edited cell shows only the top half of the text, probably because in editmode it is still 24 heigh
  • Is it possible to add a row when I enter the text to the last edited cell or when I move down from a cell with an arrow key?
  • Is it possible to add a row when moving down from the last row? Preferably after asking if a new row should be added. Preferably by using an event.


- Nodelines are not added, but we can investigate the possibilities here.
- Can you try by using BeginUpdate/EndUpdate?
- Yes, you can use TMSFNCGrid1.Options.Mouse.DirectEdit and/or various DirectEdit properties under TMSFNCGrid1.Options.Keyboard for TAB and ARROW key handling
- When clicking with the mouse, the text is selected, when navigating with the keyboard using TAB key the text should also be selected.
- We have fixed the issue with the height of the inplace editor
- Yes, with TMSFNCGrid1.Options.Keyboard.EnterKeyHandling := ekhNextColumnAndRowAppend;
- The OnCanAppendRow can be used for that purpose.