Miletus Code Editor Demo, MainMenu

Hello, I'm testing some basic technics with TMS Web Miletus, there are some issues with the MiletusMainMenu-component. Calls to BeginUpdate/EndUpdate of the Menu are showing as errors in the Delphi code editor: undeclared identifier. In the CodeEditor-Demo, I see no MainMenu if the Miletus-App is running. If I set the MainMenu-property of the MainForm (Form1) to the MiletusMainMenu1, I get an error on start: exception in class EZipException: The spezified file was not found
Does the MainMenu work with the next update or is it my mistake?

Can it be you use a dark mode Windows?
We fixed internally already an issue in connection with dark mode Windows that will be included in the next update (most likely for this week)

We fixed design-time issue in code editor with BeginUpdate/EndUpdate.
Fix will be in the next update.