Migrating from WebGMaps to FNC Maps

I do see some entries on the support site helping the conversion from WebGMaps to FNC Maps but is there a kind of from/to documentation helping the migration of WebGMaps to FNC Maps, e.g., things like

    Circle.PolygonType := ptCircle; ==> becomes AddCircle in FNC Maps

including a list of 'old' and 'new' properties. Not sure if doable though. Thanks!

There is no migration documentation unfortunately.

As already said in the chat of the webinar yesterday, it is quite painful to migrate from WebGMaps/WebOSMaps to FNC Maps, depending on the features one uses in the apps.
I have to completely rewrite my app with approx 10k line of code.

Before deprecating the old components it would have been sensible to provide a migrating how-to.
Furthermore MORE DEMOS with advanced features would help, not just the simple and basic stuff in a handful lines of code only.


I understand that it can require significant changes to existing applications to migrate to TMS FNC Maps.

Can you please specify exactly which advanced features you are referring to so we can look into providing examples for these specific features?