WebGMaps has stopped working?

Morning, in our exe today WebGMaps has stopped working entirely. Do we know the cause and possible solution to get it working? We currently have reason not to use the FNC maps.
Many thanks


The default Google Maps API version used by TMS VCL WebGMaps has been retired by Google.
Can you please set the API version to 3.46 instead?

WebGMaps1.APIVersion := '3.46';

Please note that support for Internet Explorer in Google Maps API will end completely in August 2022.
This means TMS VCL WebGMaps will stop working as well.

More information can be found here:

Is it possible to explain why you are unable to use TMS FNC Maps instead?

Information about TMS FNC Maps can be found here:


I used to use the TWebGMaps and the error was here too. That's why we bought an upgrade to FNC Maps.

But! A lot of functions are not available anymore on the FNCGoogleMaps like GetMapCenter, MapZoomto, CreateMapPolygon etc.

Is there a migration manual somewhere?



The equivalent calls for the functions you mentioned are:

  • GetCenterCoordinate (in combination with OnGetCenterCoordinate event)
  • ZoomToBounds
  • AddPolygon

Please have a look at the demo applications and the PDF manual for detailed information.

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