TMS FMX Chart license renewal

Hi. My license for TMS FMX Chart is expiring soon, but I can't find a way to renew it. Is this component deprecated? Thanks.


It has been replaced by TMS FNC Chart. Which is actually the same component, but for 4 frameworks (FMX, VCL, LCL and TMS WEB Core).

For those who have paid subscriptions, does this mean it is no longer updated to work in RAD Studio 11? There are currently no RAD Studio 11 updates for TMS FMX Chart and TMS FMX WebGMaps.


For the TMS FMX Chart, I will send you a private message with the information.

With regards to the TMS FMX WebGMaps, this product has been discontinued due to Google itself.
They have decided that they no longer support Internet Explorer.
As a solution for this, we have the TMS FNC Maps product available that supports multiple services and works with the new Edge browser.


Noting the number of target platforms, continued support through the TMS Subscription Manager would be a reasonable expectation for those who paid to subscribe.

As an alternative, Is there a transition path for FMX customer to the equivalent FNC product?


If you are talking about the FMX Chart product, we will consider this.

On FMX WebGMaps, we tried to extend the use of the product as long as possible.
But we could not guess that Google would stop this now completely.

For a transition path from FMX to FNC, this is different for each product.
For FMX to FNC Maps this is almost similar, except for the naming and the custom drawing events that use TTMSFNCGraphics instead of TCanvas.

For FNC Maps, this is something completely different, we are currently working on adding some last features to cover the FMX/VCL product as good as possible. But as these mapping services have evolved a lot over time, we had to go with a new approach to use the product.