Here Maps Directions and Geocoding in ver 1.5

Hi TMS Team,

I already commented this in support email. No response. so I'll ask again.
After updating FNC Maps from version 1.0.3 (Aug 2020) to the latest 1.5 (June 2021),
HERE Directions/ Geocoding features stopped working with old API keys (2020).
So, I rolled FNC Maps back to the old version and it works again.

Here API keys are used by customers, I can't change them or request new ones.
Updating FNC maps version is important because I'm waiting for "polygon labels" feature for OS Maps.

Could you suggest any solution please?

Kind Regards.


Here Geocoding v6 is in maintenance and it is recommended to migrate to Geocoding & Search API v7. The new version of the TTMSFNCGeocoding component is already migrated to be future proof. This will require new API keys. The old API keys are unfortunately not backwards compatible due to security.

Some more info:


Thank you for clarification.

Because I don't control customers API keys, I can't switch to ver 1.5 or use any future FNC maps updates for now.

The last question: is it possible to add new "polygon labels" feature that TMS promised
to implement in FNC maps, I guess in the next build, to old ver 1.03.
I mean to replace affected OS maps / polygon files only?
Or v 1.03 is too old for such replacement, too many changes.

I actually was waiting for this feature for a year.
We need this feature because it was available in VCL OS map version, to migrate from VCL to FNC maps. VCL OS is not supported by TMS, FNC maps doesn't support polygon labels.

So now this new feature will be available, but HERE geocoding v6 (currently used by our customers) will stop working. And Here Map local markers still not supported.
Not what I expected from SW updates...


I'll stay with FNC 1.0.3 because of new Here geocoding in v 1.5.
Also, I'll use popups instead of labels as workaround for polygons, markers, etc.
BTW I've purchased Dr.Holger Flick book about FNC (printed in Canada, Bolton, ON).
Many thanks, very nice book and examples. I recommend it to everyone.
Would be nice to have more examples in the book, like you have in PDF file.
I'm fine now.



I understand your requirements, but we cannot add support for deprecated APIs when there is no real benefit. We try to aim on targeting the latest versions of the APIs, most services have backwards compatibility regarding their API keys, but unfortunately Here Maps/Geocoding in this case has not due to security. Even if we would support v6 a while longer, as it is deprecated now, at some point the API endpoint will stop working. The language parameter is also tied to the new API v7, so unfortunately we cannot add support for both v6 & v7 and maintain multiple combinations to get exactly the same output.

About the book, thank you for your kind words, I'll pass it on!