Link error with TMS Smooth components and BCB2010

After a fresh install of the latest version, I'm getting this error when trying to link applications. 

[ILINK32 Error] Fatal: Unable to open file 'TMSSMOOTHCONTROLSPACKPKGC2010.LIB'

The problem seems to be that the static lib is actually called TMSSMOOTHCONTROLSPACKPKGD2010.LIB and manually editing the project file seems to fix it.

Is there a better solution?


Oh, and can I please get my name fixed? It should be "Roddy Pratt", and I don't seem to be able to change it on the forum or on my account :-(

Still an issue is!

Would be nice to get a reply after all these years...

The package that is used & installed was, is and remains TMSSMOOTHCONTROLSPACKPKGD2010.LIB.
This is by design, there is only ONE package used for both the Delphi & C++Builder personality for all Delphi & C++Builder versions we support for several years now.

Hi Bruno,

Thanks for the reply. You're correct that the D2010 is the only version. 

I had something weird going on migrating from one machine to another and simultaneously updating TMS Smooth. My project file somehow contained references to both C2010.lib and D2010.lib 

I suspect the project was started using a very old version of smooth components. All working fine now.

(I'd still prefer to be Roddy Pratt rather than "Pratt Roddy" though...)

About the name change, I'll need to ask my colleague to handle this.