About the new tFormControlInspectorEditLink

Hi and thanks you to add this new component :)

When I add it to a form of my main project, I receive this error message :
"[dcc32 Erreur] Affiche.pas(349): E2003 Identificateur non d?clar? : 'TFormControlInspectorEditLink'
[dcc32 Erreur] Affiche.pas(349): E2217 Le champ publi? 'FormControlInspectorEditLink1' n'est pas de type classe ou interface
[dcc32 Erreur fatale] Carto.pas(33): F2063 Impossible de compiler l'unit? utilis?e 'AdvSmoothGauge.pas'"

Of course, the unit  InspectorBar, InspLinks are included into the USES clause.

Note when I add it into a new project, this message doesn't appeared

I do something wrong ?



Can it be this project still links to an old version .BPL file? Please check & cleanup all old version file dependencies.

Thanks Bruno for your answer
But how to detect that ?
I reinstall your component pack and the gridfilter pack. I have to reinstall flexcel and webmap component too ?

I use devart and jedi component. The pb could come from them ?


TFormControlInspectorEditLink is part of the TMS Component Pack, so having the latest version v8.4 installed should add this component to your tool palette. Please verify it is available after you installed TMS Component Pack v8.4.

Of course, I use the latest version, and TFormControlInspectorEditLink appears in my palette

If this is project specific, as I already explained, this existing project must still have dependencies to old version files. Please check these dependencies, clean up and make sure you compile & link this project with latest TMS Component Pack v8.4 files.

Yes I understand but I don't how to do that. I checked on developpez.net site, but it is out of order now :(
Could you give some more infos about checking dependencies ?

Begin with checking your library path.

Make sure only the folder where the latest insplinks.pas is located is in your project library path.
If you use runtime packages, make sure there is no old tms*.bpl runtime package hanging around in your apps folder.


My fault :(
I found this file in my project directory ...

sorry to bother your