Lazarus (Linux): where is unit1.dfm ?


I was able to build and run a "hello world" kind of application in Lazarus 3 with web core

It seems to be working (so the layout as generated on form1 is shown and events are working) except: when I run the application my browser seems to be looking for unit1.html which can nowhere be found. So the page being rendered shows 404 on top and for the result works perfectly. Where is this request to unit1.html coming from ?

Also: can a webcore application Lazarus (Linux) be debugged within the Lazarus environment ?


  1. Do you start this app from a webserver?
  2. The .map file should be generated in the output folder that allows you to debug the app from the browser console via Object Pascal

Hi Bruno,

I indeed started the application from a simple webserver (busybox). But I also did not find any unit1.html anywhere in the build folder.

The map folder I will check need to check, but I thought it was in the output folder as well.

Is the HTML file added to the project?