Web Core html page is empty

I start a project using the File..New..Other..Tms web..Tms web application.

Then I place a TWebButton and a TWebLabel on the form.

Running from the ide the button and the label shows ok. When I copy the files from the Debug directory to the local web server (Apache) directory and run, the html page is empty.

If I put ordinary html text into the Unit1.html that text shows ok in my local web server.

I have reinstalled Web Core (latest version) and tried with several different local web servers. But nothing works, no TWeb components show, but ordinary html text does.

The local Apache web server runs ok, all html pages are displayed as expected, except from html made with Web Core.

Delphi 11 with latest patches installed.

Any ideas?

Did you inspect the browser console to see if there were any error reports?

Seems like I have misunderstood the whole concept.

My project consist of:


I deployed only Project1.js and Unit1.html to the web server.

I design my web page using a web editor and copy that text to Unit1.html.

In the webbrowser I should open Project1.html and internally the Unit1.html is opened/displayed?
Project1.html should never be edited, apart from the default code made by Web Core?
I must deploy Unit1.html also, and all other UnitX.html?

Later, if I change only some text (html) in Unit1.html will it suffice to deploy only this file to the web server?

Probably a good idea to copy the entire contents of the Debug (or Release) folder to your webserver, including any and all .js and .html files. If you use different project templates or add more units to your project, or set other build parameters, you can end up with other files in there as well, so if you copy all of them, you don't have to worry about missing anything.

Also, be sure to include any other folders that may end up in there. For example, if you have a folder with images added to your project, it is likely this will be copied to your debug folder and will need to be copied to your webserver in the same way.

When you (successfully) run your project from the IDE, you can see the URL that is used, referencing the name of your project (say, Project1.html or whatever it is called). You'll likely use this as the last part of the URL on your webserver as well. It will then reference the other .js and .html files as needed. You wouldn't normally reference Unit1.html directly in a URL for example, just Project1.html and it will load Unit1.html when it needs to.

Getting started initially, you should be able to do all the editing in the IDE and not have to edit any files on the webserver unless you want to use templates or other things later. Initially, when you run it and it works from the IDE and using the local webserver, the very same results should be seen when you just copy those files to another webserver.