Lazarus (content of debug html File not corresponding to source file)

I don't understand.
I have a simple project in lazarus with only a button
project1.html content call to bootstrap 5 library in head part
When run debug (f9) project in firefox debug windows (F12) the html file is not mine (project define). for example the title is not the project title, we found 'form1' and my call of Bootstrap library
has disapear.

Please I need some help to start to use TMS Web Core with Lazarus.
Help me.

If it is not your edited html file, the most likely reason is caching by the browser, hence force a hard reload


I understand, but no.
My cache is automatically empty when close Firefox and I regularly emptying too.
I've try a new project with nothing inside only a button with ElementFont := efCss and ElementClassName with btn btn-danger.

i've try it with 2 browser Firefox (bad html file used in browser why ?) and Chrome (good html file) but twice no css apply on this button in a browser.

I use VS version more than 1 and half year, i found some bugs but run correctly. But with Lazarus it's impossible to make first project with bt5 under windows10 with V2.

Please help me. Try an empty project with only a button and css attribut and give me the feedback.

PS :
My goal is to use TMS web without html template and html/javascript code, almost only with tms web core components and CSS helping the look.

This is our Bootstrap demo (3.4 KB)

Your project is correct !
In your project there some unit1.html file and in my project no.
I de-re install all stack Lazarus + TMS 4 Laz and retry.

Sorry but after full re-install from scratch (On Win10 I've remove all version Lazarus + TMS everywhere, even in Appdata directory))

There's always some probleme, I've follow strictly instruction from video and create a new project but :

1/ No unit1.html file created

2/ I've put instructions for Bootstrap 5.0.1 in project1.html and no css effect is shown (btn btn-primary for button)

I think there's something wrong in your last version or it miss something to do particular to install/use with lazarus with Win10.

3/ your demo project in tms default install for lazarus show an error because it miss some property to one component with last lazarus tms version.

Give me the solution please.


I've load all contents from VS project (project.html content and putunit1.html form in Lazarus project dir)
I've compile and Run and miracle I don't know why/how everything is ok now ??????

Sorry for the inconvenience.