Fresh WEB Core v1.8.5.0 installation not working in Lazarus IDE

Hi, it’s some days I’m struggling with Web Core & Lazarus...
To make a long story short (as short as possible):

  1. installed lazarus-2.0.2-fpc-3.0.4-win64.exe (which is the version suggested into README file)

  2. used v1.8.5.0 package, Lazarus installer in order to have files into local directory

  3. used video instructions from TMS WEB Core: Installing & using TMS WEB Core in the Lazarus IDE - YouTube

  4. opened package TMSWEBCorePkglibLaz v1.8.2 and installed components following video above

  5. had to remove a comma in line 27 of file WEBLib.WebCtrls inside {$IFDEF LCLTMSWEB} block because installation crashed... after removing comma it was possible to complete installation

After having done all steps above, TMS WEB Components appeared on the palette and TMS Web Core Application was available in the new project wizard... BUT then it's not possible to compile a simple project.

I just created a TMS Web Core Application with TWebForm and dropped a TWebButton on it - double clicking on the button does not lead to method creation in IDE but to the following error:

The component editor of class “TDefaultComponentEditor” has created the error:
“Unable to create new method: Please fix the error
shown in the message window which is normally below
the source editor.”

In the message window the message is
Codetools, Errors: 1
web.pas(1019,49) Error: expected end., but JSValue found

at line 1019 of web.pas this is the source code:
procedure debug(Obj1 : JSValue); varargs of JSValue;

Any suggestion/fixing?
Same is happening with Lazarus 2.0.12 (which is current official latest distro). Both in windows and in macOS.


  1. We fixed the issue with wrong ',' for LCL
  2. It looks like the subfolder "Core Source\RTL" is in your IDE library path and it should not be. It should be the subfolder "Component Library Source" where a correct web.pas for design-time usage is.

Thanks Bruno for your prompt reply.

I've not customized anything during install, so I have no idea why a ...\RTL folder is in the search path. By the way, how to fix it? I've wandered around in lazarus menus/options and not found (yet) a way where to edit/remove it...

For your information, the readme file at end of installations still shows
"Welcome to TMS WEB Core v1.7 Ancona Edition" - since I see that v1.9 beta is on the way... maybe it's time to update the message :slight_smile:

First place to check is in project options, compiler options, paths

Hi - sorry, I could not sort it out… I even tried a completely new installation from scratch on a brand new win10pro/64 PC starting with Lazarus 2.0.2 and TMS Web Core - nothing changed.
Can you please try to do a complete installation on a clean machine? I guess there's some detail wrong in the packages... WebCore works great in Delphi but cannot develop with Lazarus?!?