Lazarus (Javascript library)

where is the feature "Manage javascript libraries" with lazarus ?
Where's no specific doc for Lazarus except install ?


In Lazarus, you need to add the JS or CSS lib references manually to the project HTML file.

I suspected a little, but in fact even with in html main file nothing happens, no css property appear.

See a basic project (98,5 Ko)


What does 'no css property appear' mean?
Where do you expect 'css property to appear' ?

Look at my project the same project under VS is ok but not with Lazarus.
I use a simply a TWebPanel (Full client) inside TMS Login panel, I just want change look of button and label.
For example
ElementButtonClassName := 'btn btn-primary'; //do nothing
and a simple TwebLabel out of this panel with
ElementFont => efCss
ElementClassName => h3
But nothing happen.

In main html file necessary lines to use BT5 and Material icon are declared in head bloc.

maybe it miss something, to add in Lazarus or to do ?

I cannot see umainform.html in your project.
I suspect therefore, your app doesn't start properly and that you should see an error in the console and after this error, all rendering stops.