Lazarus component properties missed VS VisualStudio VS Delphi

Why under VS this properties are accessible from IDE and not with Lazarus


  • AlignWithMargins
  • BorderStyle
  • Margins


  • AlignWithMargins
  • Margins
  • Padding

to start the list


LCL / LCL form designer compatibility

Excuse my ignorance what does that mean?
Delphi is not affected ? And Lazarus yes ?

Delphi is not affected, it is VCL & VCL form designer compatible.

I don't understand, what it means.
"VCL & VCL form designer compatible " and "LCL / LCL form designer compatibility"
Can you explain a little bit please ?

How a properties non visual can affect a ide component representation ?
How can we use Lazarus version if essentials properties doesn't shown in IDE ?
Luckily I have the VS version to see the differences between.

I am very disappointed.

At design-time, everything is rendered using LCL controls and therefore base property set is determined by LCL. LCL has no AlignWithMargins, so we cannot support this in Lazarus as it is simply not in the Lazarus form designer.