Lazarus with bootstrap

I'm trying to understand how this is working. As far I could see in the demo project, all bootstrap specific settings need to be done manual in the html file 

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

Also all ElementClassName properties, without having a name list in the property editor. 

Is my understanding corretly so far? 

Best regards

You are correct that you need to add a link to the bootstrap CSS file in your project HTML file. It can be the CSS file from the bootstrap CDN or a local bootstrap file you have on your server.

To apply the bootstrap CSS class to a TMS WEB Core control, you need to set the ElementClassName property. 
You can find a list of these classes here:

Thank you for the link, this is really helpful. 

What about the TWebForm property CSSLibrary when I assign cssBootstrap? What is that good for?

When the form is set for using Bootstrap, dropping new components on the form will adopt already the best-guess bootstrap settings. You can see this for example when dropping a TWebEdit on the form, it will get the 'form-control' bootstrap css class and have ElementFont = efCSS.

Thank you, nice feature. I guess the Lazarus property editors are too different to the ones in delphi and its too hard to implement equal functionality?

Should be feasible.
So much to do and only 24hrs a day.