Lazarus context

is Tms Web Core (V2)

  • compatible with Lazarus ?
  • available in trial version for Lazarus ?


Q1: yes
Q2: no , Lazarus requires full-source code to install components, hence, a concept of a trial with full source is sadly not possible.

I understand.
Is Lazarus version nearest of Delphi version than Visual Studio version.

(Project developped with Delphi have components with more properties than VS version and when want to use it we lost defined properties).

The framework is the same.
Next version of TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code will be in sync with TMS WEB Core 2.0 for Delphi.

If you miss properties in Visual Studio Code, please report this so we can investigate.

SelLength = 0
SelStart = 0
for example.

Thanks for reporting.
These will be published as well in the next update for Visual Studio Code.