Lazarus compatibility issues

OK I use Lazarus for my Windows programming, there is an issue installing TMS components under Lazarus 2.0.12, not sure why TMS components do not work with Lazarus 2.0.12 IDE and I've also checked the latest Lazarus IDE 2.0.20 release candidate and install issue remains.

Anyway so to use TMS components I am stuck with Lazarus version 2.0.8 which for now is fine, except now with the latest TMS components release FNC Core and FNC UI Pack, I have run into a brand new issue. Even though these components install into Lazarus IDE 2.0.8 just fine, now I can not compile my program that used to work just fine before the update. When I do a build I get a "Stream write error".

I have no idea what you guys have changed in this latest release, I guess I have to go back to the previous version of TMS FNC components, but now I am also getting worried that you're components are getting less and less compatible with Lazarus/Free Pascal :(

What exact components do you use in this app and does the problem happen when you put these components on a new app?
We test against Lazarus release versions (not trunk versions) and it is our goal to keep the components compatible with Lazarus releases. Note that also Lazarus releases are not always glitch-free though.

Ok I don't thing that the issue that cropped up (stream write error) is TMS related, it just so happened that it occurred at the same time as I have updated to the most recent version of TMS components.

I went back to the prior version and I still got the same error when I compiled the program. Anyway I've reinstalled the latest version of TMS (DEMOS run OK), restored a few days old version of the program and it compiled fine. Not sure what the issue is, could be a corrupt file or a piece code I've changed.

That said, too bad that the TMS install issue doesn't appear to be resolved in the upcoming version of Lazarus IDE v2.0.20, guess I am stuck with v2.0.8. I could try to investigate myself what the problem is but I am too lazy.

We will check with the Lazarus team to see if they are aware of a problem.

Maybe it has to do with this problem:

We have investigated this here and noticed this is a bug in TStringStream, which doesn't increment the Position property automatically when using ReadString(); . We have fixed this issue, this issue occurs in FPC 3.2.0 . We already have reported this issue but it's unclear if this fix has made it in newer FPC versions."

Well don't think it has anything to do with TMS per say. I use Lazarus in a virtual VMWare Workstation machine and I switched from AMD to Intel, under AMD this happens very rarely but in the new Intel machine it's almost constant.

Mind you I have ended up installing Lazarus directly on the Intel machine outside the virtual machine and it compiles just fine so the cause goes beyond TMS, but it's more frequent when used with programs that use TMS components, not sure why it's a puzzle.