Lazarus 2.2.4 and FNC UI Pack 4.01

Full of optimism, I installed the newly purchased package. I didn't fool myself and knew there would be some problems. The good news is that the package can be run. The bad news is that installation is a hassle, the readme doesn't help, and the LCL demo catalog scares users. And this is happening under model conditions on Windows 10x64 with the latest version of the environment 2.2.4.

1 Trying to install according to the instructions results in an error when installing at the LCLTMSFNCCorePkgDE level:
This can be bypassed by reinstalling the LCLTMSFNCCorePkg package. Then it will work correctly.
The analogous problem is with LCLTMSFFNCUIPackPkg. We act in the same way. When we get the LCLTMSFNCUIPackPkgDe error, we reinstall LCLTMSFNCUIPackPkg. It works.

This is not a Lazaurus error just incorrect code in De packages, as you can see, in the compiler messages. I leave it to the authors to clean up this mess. The thing about Lazaurus is that packages with De should automatically install without De (contrary to what it says in the installation instructions). When this doesn't happen, it's the author's fault, not the compiler's as someone from the Developers suggested on the forum. For me it remains a mystery why TMS does not check this before releasing a new version of the package. Really, verifying that a package installs in the current version of the IDE is not a big task. This is not freeware, gentlemen You are selling it....

  1. the Demo catalog of LCL is a Stable of Augias.
    I do not have the strength to write about all the bugs, I recommend opening projects one by one - having only the UI Pack installed.
    A few observations:
  • Nice gentlemen, in LCL the value $FFFFFFFFFFFF is not correct for color. This needs to be manually corrected to the default color,
  • It would be nice to remove references to packages that have changed their name (Calendar),
  • The assumption that someone who has UI Pack also has WebCore is simply wrong (Kanban).
    etc. etc.

My advice to TMS. Get a clean install of Lazaurus on Win 10. And install ONLY this pack, and then try to open LCL Demo projects one by one. You have some work to do.

Overall I got discouraged for a while... But I'm not giving up I'll probably come back with more bugs.

But is there a chance that on the TMS side also look into it? I know that LCL users are a minority, but what I write about are rather basic things.

Unfortunately, the package installation issue with depending packages is not an issue with the packages itself, but an issue in Lazarus, and we have this confirmed by the Lazarus team. You can read the discussion here below we had a while ago

The answer I received from Mattias Gaertner, member of the Lazarus team is


First package1 is compiled and the ppu/o files are created.

Then package2 is compiled. In some cases if fpc finds the sources and the ppu files, it decides to recompile a ppu file.

If package2 does not use all units of package1, some ppu files of

package1 are not updated aka become outdated.

When the IDE or project uses the outdated ppu file, fpc reports "cannot find unit".

You can find out if you are a victim of this bug, by checking the complete output of fpc while compiling package2. Search for "checksum changed".

We are looking for a workaround, but IMHO this should be fixed in Lazarus itself.

Okay, what you write is in line with my observations halfway through. Really try to install a pure Lazauras with UI Pack. See the error communitates - in my opinion, this is not just the problem you are writing about. There seems to be some other problem as well, possibly with the * .inc files.
Another thing is that there are several hundred packages in the Lazarus Code and Component Repository, sometimes much more complicated than this, and they don't do these problems. So the problem is evidently solvable even now. Maybe you should talk to @wp?
BTW, there is also the problem of the LCL demo directory and what is in it.