Change server name when launching from within Delphi

When you launch a webcore app from within Delphi the URL uses localhost:8000

Is there a way to have it use another domain such as (which I have set up in my Hosts file and points to


Try to set it in the URL setting under Project Options

Thanks. That does make the call to that address, but it returns a 503: Service not available

Is a server running on that URL?

The map in Http Config is http://+:8000 and is set to, so it should work, unless there is a setting needed on TMS webserver?

Can you access this server from the browser regardless of TMS WEB Core?

I have set the Tool\Options\TMS Web\Options\URL to$(ProjectName)

The Webserver value is $(TMSWebDir)\TMSWebServer\bin\TMSWebServerManager.exe

While running from the IDE does call the URL as defined it doesn't seem to start the Web Server. Is there something else I need to do?


If you have done this properly, then you should be about to open the browser and navigate to and see the page working (if localhost:8000 works), without going through Web Core or Delphi. Is this working?

You should set the web server params instead of the URL to

-s$(ProjectName) $(OutputDir)

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