TDBAdvGrid high DPI display scaling

If I run my app on a monitor set with dispaly scaling at 150% for example, the text in the TDBAdvGrid is tiny.


Also, if my VCL Theme is Carbon, you end up with black text on black background.

How are you doing font settings?
I cannot see a font size issue in our demos for example when running on a high DPI monitor?

With respect to colors, do you set these colors yourself via grid.Columns[x].Font? When you set these column colors yourself (instead of using AutoCreateColumns), you might have to take the VCL style in account for your color settings.

I'm not doing anything special with t grid.  Not changing colors or anything, just displaying data from a clientDataSet.  The font size is only apparent when running at a Windows display scaling > 100%.  And the higher the scaling, the worse it gets.

I'll upload an example.

Sample just uploaded to support.


Just for thread completion, I received the following from support on 2020-03-07.  Much appreciated for the quick response and upcoming fix :)

We could see the color & font size issues and we have been able to solve this issue.
The next update will address this.

There was release we did yesterday that contains the fixes.