TAdvDBLookupComboBox.LabelFont.Color: = clRed;
When disable, the label is always red

Do you use the latest version of  the component?
I have retested this here with the TAdvDBLookupComboBox demo here, where I changed the AdvDBLookupComboBox1.LabelFont.Color to clRed and added a button to toggle the enabled state of 
AdvDBLookupComboBox1 and this toggles between red & gray label font color.


As stated, I cannot reproduce this with our demo.
If a problem persists, please provide a sample source project & detailed steps with which the problem can be reproduced.

Insert TAdvDBLookupComboBox on the form, set Enabled = False and run the application. Then, if the Enabled status changes, it's OK.

This information was necessary to be able to reproduce it.
We have fixed the issue now. 

The story continues
I start the application
DataSource1.Enabled := oAddress.CustomDB.GetRecord;  // False
Later on, the program runs
DataSource1.Enabled := oAddress.CustomDB.GetRecord;  // TRUE
Wrong. I have:
AdvDBLookupComboBox1.Enabled := False;
The component changes the look as if it was set
AdvDBLookupComboBox1.Enabled := True;
LabelFont.Color = clRed
EditArae.Color = clWhite

Do you use TMS VCL UI Pack v10.1.7.0?

Component ver.

I always have the latest version installed immediately.
I will remove the original version before installing it.
How do I find out the installed version?
This is not specified in the * .exe properties.
There is nothing in Delphi help. Only FixInsight. Missing too TMSCrypto.

Just clarify that the originally reported error is fixed.

Please see the pictures for how it behaves.
No Answer. Perhaps a curse was imposed on me :)
Tell me how to mark the required data in the database. I chose the red color of the description.
Because (only) TAdvDBLookupComboBox is a problem, I tried to use the border color. But it is not available with TAdvDBLookupComboBox. Also for all check boxes.
Giving something extra is not just professional. But even here I have nothing appropriate.
In my desperation, I tried TAdvBadgeLabel. However, the badge is too large and cannot be lowered. I couldn't do it.

Please anyone has a universal unified solution for all DB components? He would be very pleased.
Well thank you.

It is hard for me to understand from this description what is wrong or what you need.
I understand that you enable/disable the datasource. When this is the case, this enables/disables the TAdvDBLookupComboBox. When the TAdvDBLookupComboBox is disabled, it will by default show as grayed as well as its label text when used. 
When you do not want that the label text is displayed disabled (grayed) when the control is disabled, set : AdvDBLookupComboBox.LabelAlwaysEnabled = true

Try the following:
Use TAdvDBLookupComboBox with all necessary DB settings.
DataSource.Enabeld: = False;
View the form. Probably the label will be red. Set Table.Edit and now Table.Cancel. The label is grayed. OK
Change the record (Table.Next). The Label is red.
This procedure is shown in the figure. See link above.

I'm sorry but also with this information I cannot see a problem.
You say that DataSource.Enabled = false. As long as DataSource.Enabled = false, the label will remain grayed, irrespective of the operations you do on the dataset.

If a problem persists with the latest version, please modify our TAdvDBLookupComboBox demo to reproduce this, send it with clear step by step info to reproduce included.

Managed to. I sent it in support.

With the help of 

Mr. Rys,
We understood the problem now. We have applied a fix that will be included in the next release.
Kind regards,
Bruno Fierens

I'm glad it solved.