Iphone/Ipad demos

Hi, I've downloaded the trial package and the demos, I'm trying it on ipad and iphone device but after I press the stats or settings button I can't return on model list, so I see an empty page without model list, it is a problem only of the trial?
I'm evaluating the mode to build project with ipad and iphone I've read a bit about objective C and it's very hard

What specific IntraWeb & Delphi version are you using? If this is Delphi XE with the default built-in IntraWeb XI, I'd recommend to first update to the latest IntraWeb version as the version built-in in Delphi XE had several issues.

Delphi 2010 with intraweb 10.0.0

The demos are fully functional with the trial version of the TMS IW iPhone controls pack.

I have not been able to reproduce this issue.

Are you getting any errors when running the demo? (To display errors on the iPhone/iPad Safari Browser, you can enable the Debug Console by going to Settings > Safari > Developer)

Alternatively, have you tried running the demo with Safari on a desktop PC?
If so, did you notice the same behavior?