iw 15.1.x compatibillty?


i see that v5.8.9.0 is for 15.0.x
v5.9.1.0 is also for iw 14.x 10.3 Rio
should there be a version for iw 15.1.x?
i tried to use iw 15.1.x (currently 15.1.3) but i get many crashes in different parts of my app, that i never saw before, so i was wondering where the problems could be.
(some of the problems are AV in Delphi..., some are AV in the App, and some happened when i had 2 AdvGrids in the same form)

my Delphi Berlin is working fine with other none-iw apps (win\FM)

in short - i get a very strange and unreproducible behavior, so i was wondering if we need to wait for an iw 15.1.x compatible version

We haven't tested/validated the components yet with this latest version v15.1.3

Did you check our demos? Do you have reproducible steps for seeing your issues?

I installed IW 15.1.9 and TMS components, bas all components except TTIWCaptchaImage appear grayed on the palette. I can't even place them on the form.


Can you please make sure the TMS IntraWeb Component Pack has been installed correctly?
Did you re-install and/or re-compile the packages after upgrading IntraWeb?

First I installed IW. Then I installed the TMS packages (never had them before).

I'm not sure what is causing this for you as I haven't been able to reproduce this and we haven't received any similar reports from other users.

- Did you follow installation instructions for TMS IntraWeb Component Pack in install.txt?
- Can you place default IntraWeb controls on the form and run the application?
- Can you compile and run the TMS IW FeaturesDemo application?
  • Yes, I followed the instructions;
    - Yes;
    - Yes. And I did the following:

    I downloaded and unpacked the demo. Loaded it in Delphi 10.3.3 Rio. Added a 64 bit version (the app I'm making is 64 bits) and activated this version. Built the Demo. It gave me some errors saying it couldn't find the XML export component, so I deleted it from the project. I was then able to build and run it as a 64 bit app. Very nice! But I still couldn't place TMS components on the IW forms. Curiously, I can copy the components from the Demo app and paste them into my own app and compile it! Very strange!

One thing I noticed is that, the first time I load the demo project in the IDE, all TMS componentes appear OK on the palette. But after I save, close and reload it, they appear grayed.

Now I think I got it: as soon as I insert a Windows 64 bit build option and make it the active build, even without actually build the app, then save, close and reopen the project, THEN the components get grayed out.

Build the app as win32 and then switch to compile to win64

Switching it to win32 enabled the components, and switching to win64 disables them. I can switch to win32, put the components on the form, then switch to win64 and compile. That works, but feels a bit awkward.