Http.sys and TMS Intraweb components

Hi All,

Can anybody confirm that TMS IntraWeb Component Pack, Script Edition go well together with AtoZ IntraWeb 15.1.x on Delphi 10.3.2 Rio, as a stand alone HTTP.SYS application (installed as a service directly on a Windows server) ?

Are there any special considerations to be aware about ?

Regards and thanks in advance for any comments,
Soren Jensen


There is one minor issue with the Visible property of the TTIWMultiColumnComboBox not working as expected. Otherwise there are no known issues with using TMS IntraWeb Component Pack in combination with IW 15.1 for standalone applications at this time.
Note that using an IW standalone application as HTTP.SYS application has not been tested.
Hi Bart,

I can now confirm that, at least the IWDBAdvGrid and ...PDF components, are working with Delphi 10.3.2 rio, IW 5.1.9, as a HTTP.SYS stand Alone service, installed on a SQL server and called from a workstation inside the domain. Just as I hoped it would.

I created a small, one form, application and tested it on a Windows 2016 Server accessing SQL 2017. It all works fine.

However I have a strange problem with my main application, multiple form, which also runs flawlessly as a service on the same machine setup. When I add an IWADVWEBGRID to one of the forms, then compilation fails, complaining it cannot find unit "Windows", which is in the uses clause of the IWWEBGRID unit. But in the small testprogram, IWWEBGRID is also added to the uses clause, and here it compiles correctly.

Both the test and main application are compiled and linked under the Debug Win32 platform.

I hope you (or others who have experienced somewhat the same) can give me an idea / hint as to what to try to solve this problem.


I would suggest to start checking the unit scope names in your project settings.

These should normally by default be set to:
Thanks Bruno, That did the trick.

I wonder what has happened since some of them (the .win ones) was gone. The upper listbox of the screen was empty and above the lower box, there is a check in "Inherit values from debug". I suppose the Debug settings are wrong too then, or what ?

I'm pretty sure I have not removed any scopes from this, but now I am aware of it, I will check it if and when I get into similar troubles.



This must be an IDE issue, our code is not interfering with Delphi project settings.

No, I understand and I do not suggest it does. And I'm sorry if my replies can be interpreted like that, it is not intentional.I'm pretty sure it's something I have done myself.

Hi Bruno,

This just to let you and others know that I think I've found the reason. It happened again in another project when I changed the TARGET, from Debug Configuration, to Release or All configuration, for Windows 32-bit platform.

I tried again in a test project, first saving the Debug configuration settings, and then applying them to the All Configuration, but it did not copy everything correctly.

There might be a way to copy all the details from one configuration to another but I just have not found it yet.

But as a confirmation of what you expected, it is indeed an IDE issue.