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  1. My experience with installing the package was really bad.
    i assume you wrote the installation info, for Win7 users, and i (still) use Windows XP.
    so for me, the MSBuilder.exe's version was 3.5, but the "dominant" .NET version was 2.0 for some reason.
    it took me 2 days (...) to finally install the IW package because of microsoft's incompatibility between the .NET's versions, since i knew nothing about .NET ...
    can you add some info in the "install.txt" for the XP users (which i still think there are some) please?
    it wasn't like a regular software fix, so i can write here a few words on how i managed to fix my problem with .NET 2.0/3.5 problem if you want.

    2. when i start Delphi (XE2) i get a series of errors :
    bds.exe system error
    The procedure entry point Tmsiwstrings@initialization$qqrv@ could not be located in the dynamic link library iw12tmsdxe2.bpl
    The procedure entry point Iwtmspckdsncolor@initialization$qqrv@ could not be located in the dynamic link library iw12tmsdedxe2.bpl

    then, there is an error message window saying :
    Can't load package c:\delphixe2\Bpl\iw12tmsgriddedxe2.bpl.
    Process not found.
    Do you want to attempt to load this package the next time a project is loaded?

                                Yes | No

    3. when i load one of my projects, i get this message like TMS removed the TIWAdvCheckGroup.OnAsyncClick's event... :
    Error reading TIWAdvCheckGroup1.OnAsyncClick : Property OnAsyncClick does not exist. Ignore the error and continue?
    NOTE: Ignoring the error may cause components to be deleted or property values to be lost.

                                Ignore | Cancel | Ignore All    

    of course, when i look at TIWAdvCheckGroup1's events in the Object Inspector - there is no "OnAsyncClick" event.
    i got this error only for TIWAdvCheckGroup.

    it would save us, a lot of time if you make a setup program for the components, that will also remove the older installation and settings.

    before this installation with MSBuilder, i never had any installation problem with the TMS IW pack.
    i cleaned the old installation before installing this one of course.
    using Delphi XE2-Update4, IW12.2.23

    Thanks !
  1. We do not use MSBUILDER.EXE in our installer, so this cannot be a cause of problems. You do not need MSBUILDER.EXE (it is actually MSBUILD.EXE) to compile and/or install our components.
    2) This error points to mixing old & new versions of package files. It is explained in the FAQ. When you make sure that ALL old version files are cleaned up before installing a new version, this problem should not happen.
    3) This points to the same issue of still having old version .BPL files around on your system.