IsBound() @ c:\bcb\emuvc\utilcls.h/4249 in install

Trying to install the latest Delphi 2010/2007 component pack, I get the following error installing the 2007/2010 help files both from the installer and from the command line help installer:

IsBound() @ c:\bcb\emuvc\utilcls.h/4249.

Is this the exact error message you get? We have never seen such error message before.
Are you installing the help file with admin rights?
Is your online help installed & working for both Delphi 2007 & Delphi 2010?

That is the exact error message; the dialog box title is strangely "_ASSERTE:". I am running Win7 as Administrator. Online help works. Are you calling a MS API to register? I think the problem may be something on my drive has gone bad or missing.

Can you try to run reghelp directly from the command line: reghelp tmspackd2007.hxx /l and send the generated log file?

It is unclear what this error means, reghelp is a 3rd party tool we use. 
Do you have a lot of other 3rd party component help files installed? Did you try this on another machine?

I ran the following command: reghelp2 TMSPACKdRs2010W.hxx /l and got the same error with no log file generated. If I run the command with an invalid help file name, a log file is generated with the error that the help file could not be found.

We have reported this to the provider of the help file generation tool and are waiting on their feedback.