Is there an equivalent in FNC Maps to TMSWebGMaps OnWebGMapsError?

I am converting a WebGMaps application to FNC Maps and used OnWebGMapsError to capture error information however I cannot find a similar event for FNC Maps.

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Unfortunately there is currently no equivalent event available in TMS FNC Maps.
As the OnWebGMapsError can be triggered for a number of different cases. Can you please let me know for which specific functionality you where using the event in WebGMaps so we can investigate if a similar functionality can be added in TMS FNC Maps?

Our mapping application is a separate exe from our main app. We were using the OnWebGMapsError event with IPC to communicate with the main application the ErrorType that was encountered for error logging and preventing the user from trying to interact with the map that failed to load.

We'll investigate the possibilities here.