Check to see if Map never initialized

Is there a way to tell if the Map failed on initializing?

I have one customer who under certain network configurations cannot access google maps. He just get's a blank screen. I'm trying to add additional logging to see what could be causing the problems. I have found that TTMSFNCWebBrowser can sometimes silently fail to initialize. For example the message

"WebView2: Initialization failed due to incompatible environment configurations. Please check if there is already a WebView2 running with the same user data folder but different environment parameters."

appears in the Debug output window of the IDE but there is no error thrown in the application.

Is there some way to check for a failed initialization and show/log my own message?

For example there is an OnMapInitialized event. If that will never be called can I somehow get an OnMapFailed event?




Unfortunately there's currently no OnMapFailed event available.
However, this is a good suggestion and we'll consider adding this feature in a future version.

Alternatively you can use the browser developer console (press F12 while the map has focus) to check for JavaScript errors at runtime.