Is the Manual of TadvStringGrid useful for FMX use

At the first paragraph of the file TMSFMXGridDevGuide.pdf you say "it is sufficiently similar to the VCL TAdvStringGrid".

I'm printing this file to try of have better access to his content. The question is... Do you think that is advisable too, print the file "TMS TAdvStringGrid Developers Guide.pdf? Or is his information redundant in the first manual of the FMX Version?

The topics you have created refer to FireMonkey specific functionality such as adding real controls in cells. We cannot cover every possible combination which can be achieved with FireMonkey. FireMonkey has a very long and different learning curve than VCL has. We have created a grid that is flexible and has many event and properties to work with. From the very first version specific functionality requested by users was possible by implementing the appropriate events and/or set the appropriate properties. This is something that we cannot predict, something that we cannot provide documentation for.

Similarities between VCL TAdvStringGrid and FMX TTMSFMXGrid lie in the properties that are exposed to get/set data managed by the data structure. The visuals are completely different as they rely on FireMonkey style elements and/or customization through events. From a default grid point of view, the TTMSFMXGrid should be quickly up and running if you are familiar with TAdvStringGrid, but for complex cell creation, styling and other FireMonkey specific functionality differs to much with TAdvStringGrid.

This forum has already a huge amount of useful data related to FireMonkey components and development, we have also added tips & faq for the TMS Pack for FireMonkey that might be helpful in searching an answer to your solution and last but not least, we try to answer each support question as fast as possible.

Pieter Scheldeman2016-05-12 20:19:47