VCL vs FireMonkey ASG

I use the C++Builder XE4 with the VCL 32/64 bit platforms. I have the TMS Component Pack and use the AdvStringGrid extensively. I am interested in working with FireMonkey to add support for the Android platform. Is there a matrix that lists the Events in the VCL AdvStringGrid and the FireMonkey AdvStringGrid? It would be very helpful to compare the two versions of the ASG before I start coding.


Sorry, at this time we do not have such comparison sheet.

In general, the feature set of our VCL grid and FireMonkey grid are nearly identical. As we could start from a clean sheet for the FireMonkey grid, some event/property/method names have been cleaned up a little bit but are still familiar.
It is mostly some very specific Windows oriented features that are not in the FireMonkey grid, OLE drag & drop, Windows balloons, hints, ... are a few things that come in mind.