Developer Guide needs update

I am just starting to use more of the features, and they work great.  Unfortunately, the Developer Guide is out of date a considerable bit, and I often do not find information that is extremely helpful.

 FixedWidth (pg 111) is now FixedColWidth
UseFixedWidth does not seem to exist, though it is referred to.

FitToPage:  It would be great to see that this referred to fitting the WIDTH to the page.  If I went just by the description, and experience with Excel, I would expect to see the entire grid print on one page.  Frustration with a big report got me to try this with excellent results.

HideColumn is also very useful.  From the document, I was getting that it was for screen display.  It is a fantastic way of printing, too.

Just my 2 cents worth.
This refers to properties under grid.PrintSettings.
In this property class, FixedWidth DOES exist. You are confusing grid.PrintSettings.FixedWidth with grid.FixedColWidth.

grid.PrintSettings.UseFixedWidth DOES exist.

Wrt FitToPage, it is much more useful to have it fit to the width than fit to the entire page as in most cases there are way too much rows to make sense to fit all on a page.